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Share Registry System

This is a unique software product developed to assist Share Registrars, Transfer Secretaries and listed companies to electronically perform register maintenance, receiving, validating and processing of share transfers, printing and issuing new share certificates, CDS interface, dividend distribution by all modes including direct deposits, EFTs and cheque, dividend redistribution function, registration of new shareholders, handling general enquiries ,handling IPOs ,share splits and other corporate actions.

Key Features
The system has unique features that include document management, workflow and archiving and online access share module. It also integrated with a detachable Share Options Scheme module which is capable of managing registers for employee share option schemes. The system combines features of relational database systems with a cell structured data storage concept specifically designed for historical analysis purposes. It is a robust Web application sitting on a relational database and compatible across different platforms. The system is multi-user, user friendly, compatible with the modern technologies, capable of handling millions of transactions and offers high security.