Banking & Payment solutions

The C-PAY suite delivers banking solutions to thriving financial markets. Our solution suite avails to these markets modern banking technology that covers Credit Scoring, Savings Management, Loans, Investment, Asset and Debt Management with complete online mobile capabilities

C-PAY Credit Score is a role based, user friendly enterprise risk management system that allows any and all lending companies to monitor and evaluate client account performance. The Credit Rating & Scoring System is designed to increase consistency by identifying and flagging high risk events enhancing decision making procedures for loan financiers and financial houses.


The C-PAY Credit Management System is a robust and highly scalable system designed to automate the loan management life cycle of a financial service provider. The system is highly modularized and can be used as a complete end to end application or clients can pick the modules that they need and these will be interfaced with other existing third-party systems to provide the required business process.


C-PAY SACCO is a cutting edge modular based solution developed for Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies which fully automates all management, administrative, share register, credit and loans processes of a SACCO.


The C-PAY Insta Loans (mobile loan) origination system provides a front-end system for Micro Finance Institutes on which borrowers (MFI clients) can access instant mobile loans through a seamless automated end-to-end straight through process that is integrated to the Core Banking system (Credit Management System). The system has USSD, mobile App and online capabilities.


The C-PAY Fx, is a state of the art, modular based software developed for use by various money exchange institutions or licensed bureau de change operators. The solution covers the end to end operations from the teller module with teller proof functionality which accounts for the end-of-day cash control through a reconciliation report.



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