Registry & Investment Admin solutions

Escrow Systems develops and deploys the following Registry and Investment Administration systems;

The e-AGM is a cloud-based meetings management platform, capable of integrating the mainstream share register with the meetings handling processes of a registrar in ways that automate the traditional physical meetings. The platform supports well-structured shareholder interactions, registration processes, meetings scheduling, meetings invite deliveries, voting processes, and uploading of meetings documents among other several activities.

This solution provides a secure, virtual, cost effective and efficient method for scheduling, executing and archiving issuer’s meetings.


The C-REG is a rare software product developed to assist Share Registrars, Transfer Secretaries and both unlisted and listed companies to electronically perform register maintenance, receiving, validating and processing of securities transfers, printing and issuing new share certificates, CDS interface, dividend and interest distribution by all modes including direct deposits, EFTs and cheques, dividend redistribution function, registration of new shareholders, handling general enquiries, handling IPOs ,share splits and other corporate actions.

The C-REG DMS System is a workflow and document management solution designed to reduce the complexity and costs of records management. The lack of a robust document management system also poses a surmountable risk to organisations.


C-REG Mkutano is a cloud-based and online meeting management system that provides a secure and efficient method for scheduling, executing and archiving meetings. Following up on action tasks, scheduling meetings, sending invites for meetings, holding meetings and uploading meeting documents (board packs) are among several activities that the system facilitates easily.


C-REG Share Power is a web-based solution which allows shareholders and listed companies the privilege to track and monitor their investments online and on their mobile phones. The system is strictly for enquiries and comprises of various modules, features, functions and produces various reports such as enquiries, reporting and printouts. It also includes a robust business intelligence dashboard which gives an overview of the share portfolio and enables quick decision making.


C-REG ESOP is a robust highly customisable and scalable web-based solution for the management of Employee Share Option Schemes. It automates the end to end processes involved in management of employee share options. The solution is also user friendly and can be easily integrated with other administration systems.




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